The exhibition period is generally short. The 
      construction and use of booths are mostly 
      disposable, so the reusability of material is 
      relatively low. It causes in a large amount of 
      resources waste, and is not conductive to the 
      environmental protection and cost savings.
      To improve the reuse rate of the booth 
      materials, we independently design and
      create the Beep system. The Beep system 
      contains a total of seven series, which can 
      be flexibly used to build the structure of the 
      booth, such as, the overall framework, wall, 
      floor and thesecond floor.
      These systems are mainly the connecting 
      elements of the solid structure in the booth, 
      by which the sheet metal and other materials 
      can be the sheet metal and other materials 
      can be securely connected together and 
      conveniently separated for reuse.   
      These systems are characterized by:
      1.     With standard sizes, the modules can 
      be spliced as needed.
      2.     The modules are connected securely 
      and easy to be installed and removed.
      3.     Systems can be used separately, and 
      can also be used with combinations of 
      traditional booth structure.
      4.     The systems can be used repeatedly.